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Warri Urhobo Leaders Adopt David Otofia For DTHA

Warri Urhobo Leaders Of Thoughts Adopt David Otofia For DTHA

The Warri Urhobo leaders of thought have adopted Rev Dave Otofia for the forthcoming House of Assembly Warri South constituency II elections.

Rev (Hon) David Otofia, former Chairman of Okere Urhobo Community Development Committee (CDC), was adopted by Warri Urhobo political leaders of thoughts at a gathering of who is who in Warri South Urhobo at the home of Chief Westham Adehor…

The decision to adopt him by the Warri Urhobo political group was taken during his consultation visit as he also prayed for to succeed in his ambition.

Rev David Otofia who said he is very happy that a meeting of this nature was called on to bring old friends together. In his word, “We all started this struggle together; I am not here to preach about myself you all know my antecedents”.

“You are my brothers, sisters and friends I have come to personally inform you that I am running for the forthcoming House Of Assembly elections come 2019”.

“However, I know if you Warri Urhobo political leaders of thought should stand by me for the Delta State House of Assembly, the victory is sure”.

Chief Westham Adehor who thank everyone for coming to his place call on the Warri Urhobo leaders to support Rev David Otofia; Saying Rev David Otofia is a hardworking, fair, transparent and a true leader who has respect for friendship and has the interest of the people at heart.

I plead with Warri Urhobo political leaders of thought to support the ambition of Rev David Otofia and will be glad for doing so.

However, the campaign manager of Rev David Otofia, Hon. Linda Eya Ikpuri said, sacrifice is the only thing needed in the struggle, we all know our principal Rev Otofia is, in terms of intellectual, bringing the divide of democracy to the grassroots, and he is the Chairman in terms of empowerment.



Rev Francis Waive

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