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Urhobo Progress Union Worldwide Appeals To Omene

Urhobo Progress Union Worldwide Appeales To Omene

The Urhobo Progress Union, UPU (Worldwide) Leader, Olorogun Moses Taiga has appealed to erstwhile leader of UPU, Chief Joe Omene to behave more honourably and desist from denigrating the UPU, the traditional institution and the Urhobo nation in general.

Olorogun Taiga who gave the advice at the occasion of the 86th Annual Urhobo national congress held recently at Uvwiamughe, Ughelli North LGA, Delta State argued that Urhobo Progress Union is not a personal estate or empire, rather it is an organization governed by rules and regulations and no individual, no matter how highly placed, can arrogate to himself powers or position that have not been conferred on him by the stakeholders.

“I want to state it here categorically that the elections that brought the present Executive, led by my humble self, into office were constitutionally and properly conducted.

We were duly sworn-in by a retired Judge of the high court. By the elections of Monday, January 2, 2017, the Urhobo people spoke.

Therefore, it behooves every responsible Urhobo person to respect the verdict of the people and abide by it.

“I wish to extend my hand of fellowship to every son and daughter of the Urhobo nation who had any reason to disagree with my Executive or previous Executives or had remained indifferent to the affairs of our great Urhobo nation, to have a rethink and join me and my Executive to move the Urhobo nation forward,” Taiga appealed.

He outlined some of his achievements to include the development so far in proposed Mukoro Mowoe University, commencement of operation of Micro fiance bank by April 2018 and collaborating with the government in ensuring Urhobo College gets the best in line with the vision of founding fathers, and for it to get the best in terms of infrastructure, modern facilities and quality teaching. #urhobo-voice



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