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Urhobo Nation Must Unit To forge A Common Front – James Ibori

Urhobo Nation and James Ibori

The Urhobo Nation cannot allow the highest socio-cultural organization, the Urhobo Progress Union (UPU) to be divided Just as the people have been called upon to ensure that the division in the organization is resolved as soon as possible with a view to forge a common front.

This call was made by Chief James lbori, at the 86th Urhobo Nation Day put together by the Urhobo Progress Union(UPU) at Uvwiamuge, Agbarho, he said that in unity.

Urhobo nation will achieve more rather than being divided.

James Ibori who was speaking publicly for the first time on the crisis rocking the UPU could not hide his feelings about the crisis saying that it was regrettable for the organization to have meddled into politics.

While disclosing that he has being reaching out to major stakeholders in Urhobo nation privately with a view to resolve the division in Urhobo nation.

Chief Ibori passionately appealed to the royal fathers. Major stakeholders in the crisis to act quickly in order to amicably resolve the disunity in the UPU and Urhobo NEWS

According to James lbori, let us not allow party politics to destroy the UPU or allow UPU to divide Urhovbo nation.

We can resolve this issue, Let’s come together, why the disunity? Let’s Join hands to move Urhobo nation and the UPU forward. l am passionately appealing for us to be united. What happened was an error.

Chief Ibori who spoke 10 Urhobo language on the crisis rocking the UPU amidst the sorry state of the Urhobo Cultural Center. said “ls this really befitting of the Urhobo  nation? No one ts bigger than Urhobo even myself.

With my experience in state and national politics. I am eminently qualified to advise the Urhobo nation on politics and on the need for our unity.

We made an error. Let’s remove politics from the activities of UPU. We as Urhobos have the force in this country to move forward but because of disunity we are being held back and this is totally unhelpful.

I have pledged that I would work for the progress of Urhobo nation, you might dislike me for saying the truth and my mind but I would continue to stand by the Urhobo people.”

In his remarks. Senator Ifeanyi Okowa said “I have no apology identifying with the Urhobo nation. I also want to commend the efforts of the Urhobo kings for making Delta Central peaceful.”

Giving his scorecard in Delta Central, the governor stated that his administration have embarked on the construction of 153 roads adding that 50 of such roads arc in Delta Central Earlier in his address, Olorogun Moses Taiga, President General, Worldwide of the UPU disclosed that “In 2018, we would commence the establishment of the Mukoro Mowoe University with an application for the university through the National University Commission.”



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