Ughievwen Cultural Carnival Benefits As Harness By Godwin Brotu


Ughievwen Cultural Carnival Benefits As Harness By Godwin Brotu

The Ughievwen Cultural Carnival coming 2017 which is organized by the Organisation of Ughievwen Cultural Carnival (OUCC), the chairman 2016 of the carnival Mr. Itikohwemu Uwedjojevwe has stressed that the need for the Ughievwen people to harness the benefits of the festival so as to improve the kingdom.

Mr. Itikohwemu Uwedjojevwe stated that the Ughievwen Cultural Carnival can develop the rich traditions and culture properly that can attract tourists to Ughievwen kingdom saying that income from tourism is enormous.

He further said income from tourism is more peaceful and devoid of intra and inter communal crisis and friction in inter-personal relationships in the communities.

Reminded of the forth coming 2017 Ughievwen cultural carnival at the funeral service of late  Deacon Edward Aminugo Gbogbo held at Otughievwen  recently, Mr. Uwedjojevwe said if  Ughievwen tradition and culture  has been well handled, it  would have a force runner in terms of tourists attraction that may have generated more funds peacefully than oil that is pitting friends against friends, indigenes against communities where some see it as their birth right to feed fat on communal benefits even if they have to be fetish.

He added that Ughievwen as a kingdom attained greatness among their equals adding that it is the only kingdom that practiced a custom /law of confession and forgiveness as in the Holy Bible today without alteration

He lamented that over the years, several factors have affected the greatness of the kingdom but the lost glory can still be revived if several things are done among which mass attendance  of the cultural carnival and promotion and commercialization of the carnival.



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