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Rev Francis Waive: I Will Make The Difference

Rev Francis Waive: I Will Make The Difference

Rev Francis Waive: The crowd of who is who in APC Ughelli North, Ughelli South and Udu Federal Constituency were there, so were the clergy; also present with thousands of supporters including APC party faithful’s, friends, well wishers and Obi-Ayagha community well represented.

All gathered at Otu-Jeremi, headquarters of Ughelli South to see, hear, admire support and even anticize the man Rev Francis Waive who formally declare his intention to contest the Ughelli North, Ughelli South and Udu Federal Constituency and to ask he be given the mandate to represent the Federal Constituency in Abuja through the February election 2019.

The declaration happened on Thursday 25th, January 2018. the event was kick started by prayers said by Bishop Dr. Diamond Emuobor, as he prayed he put what was being prayed for in perspective.

He said it was time the Ughelli North, Ughelli South and Udu Federal Constituency was represented by a representative of Jesus in the House of Rep. Abuja through a man of God.

He said the Holy Bible admonishes man that when the righteous rule, the people rejoice. It is the opposite when the unrighteous is in governance.

He said it is time for a member of the clergy to represent the people at Abuja, stating, the Ughelli South in the Federal Constituency is full of gas and oil which Nigeria depends on but then there is hardly any federal presence in any form.

He reeled out the litany of challenges in the Federal Constituency which weigh down the people resulting in poverty and wide spread unbearable hardship which those who represent the Federal Constituency has done little or nothing to improve the situation.

He said the clergy should support Rev Francis Waive in his aspiration to make the considerable improvement in the welfare of the people.

He also enjoyed the church leaders to tell their members to support Rev Francis Waive in this, regardless of political affiliation.

Bishop Emuobor concluded by saying that enough is enough affirming that he himself has written four books about the challenges and solutions.

Then the man himself, Rev Francis Waive for whom persons from all walks of life have gathered; on appearing as he moved to the podium, his presence was heralded coy deafening ovation. Then he mounted the podium, now then formal to a cynosure that it was a most auspicious moment for him.

He began by thanking all present on the occasion, individually and collectively especially the APC leadership at every level in the Federal Constituency.

Rev Waive said he is aware there has always been some representation of the Federal Constituency at Abuja by the PDP but there has not been any effective representation.

So the representatives so far have contributed virtually nothing to the federal constituency in terms of human capital development and infrastructure and the general wellbeing of the people.

He said he would make the difference as a member of the House of Representatives representing the Federal Constituency at Abuja.

Rev Francis Waive said he has prepared a programme for the federal constituency and some of the items on the programme includes effective representation, ensuring that there is Federal Government presence in the Federal Constituency, networking with Federal Agencies in Abuja to ensure that persons from the federal constituency are not excluded from federal agencies, including the police, military.

He said he will be accessible to all and will not be an absentee representative as he will be in the house always.

He said he will stop oppression of persons of the federal constituency and persons will not be deprived of their rights for no just cause.

On his personal qualities, Rev Francis Waive said he has the requisite education, a man of God of long standing, manager of human and resources which have been used to serve humanity.

He said he runs a Non-Governmental Organisation that deals with challenges of the rural and riverine communities in the South South region.

He has provided note books and other educational materials for over millions school children.

He was not new to politics as he was the president of Student Union against all odds at Ekpoma University Edo State where he made a second class upper in accounting.

He added that he would do a transparent and accountable representation in the house. He called on the delegate of the Ughelli North, Ughelli South and Udu to give him the APC ticket to represent the Federal Constituency that he certainly will not disappoint the people.

Others who spoke before and after him acknowledged that Rev Francis Waive is the man who can do effective representation at Abuja. They affirm he is competent and effective. They assured the crowd that Rev Francis Waive will not disappoint the federal constituency.

Among those who spoke are Olorogun Pa Barr Patrick Ideh APC leader, Olorogun Adelabu Bodjo Chairman APC Delta Central, the D.G. Waive Campaign Organisation Rev Dr. Isreal while Senator Ovie Omo Agege was represented.

There is no doubt that the Federal Constituency has been held down by ineffective representation at Abuja resulting in increased challenges and hardship for the people.

There is the general agreement that politics is a game of the possible. However, people can know the difference between good and bad, difference between who can do the job well and who cannot.

None the less, the people can only show that they know the difference through giving the mandate to Rev Francis Waive at both the primaries of APC and general election come February 2019.

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