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Rev Francis Waive Statement Of Declaration Of Interest For 2019

Rev Francis Waive: I Will Make The Difference

Rev Francis Waive declaration statement  as all gathered at Otu-Jeremi, headquarters of Ughelli South to see, hear, admire support and even anticize the man Rev Francis Waive who formally declare his intention to contest the Ughelli North, Ughelli South and Udu Federal Constituency and to ask he be given the mandate to represent the Federal Constituency in Abuja through the February election 2019.

He stated that “Democracy is based on the notion that a people should be self-governing and that the representatives of the people should be held accountable for their actions.

The legislature, which represents the people and acts as their agent, is therefore at the core of the Western democratic tradition.

Sadly the legislative arm of government in Nigeria has suffered most from the military era as it is immediately disbanded upon every successful coup d’état. And because we are not familiar with democratic traditions, elections to the legislative arm has been an all comers affair with people who can hardly express themselves but had enough thugs and money been ‘elected’.

Thus we have cases of legislators who have never raised a motion or seconded one not to mention sponsoring a bill.

Many get in there just for the social prestige, economic benefits, political access and relevance. This has made possible the present situation where many State legislatures are mere rubber stamp of the State Governors.

Fortunately our democracy is gradually deepening. I can say this because my people; the good people of UGHELLI NORTH UGHELLI SOUTH UDU CONSTITUENCY have called on me to represent them in the Federal House of Representatives.

I am sure those who made the call and the hundreds I consulted with who consented have looked at my pedigree and my antecedents as an Accountant, Development Worker and Clergyman of repute before asking me to serve them as their legislator at the federal level. I have the education, skills, patriotism, exposure, contacts and clout to make my people proud.

Having spent time in prayers about this decision and consulting with hundreds of our leaders across every divide I hereby declare that I will run as a candidate for election to the Federal House of Representatives come February 16 2019!

I therefore seek the support of delegates to the primaries of my party, the All Progressive Congress APC of which I am a financial member in Jeremi Ward 4. I confidently say to my party, I am the one who can win the general elections for our people.

I have lived and worked in this constituency most of my life and my name is a household item here. We must not field our second eleven when we have the first eleven!

1. Never soiled my hands when I contested won & served as Students Union President
2. Used my previous secular job to secure employment for many of our people
3. Used RIVCHO to provide Health Care & education to many thousands
4. Provided secondary & tertiary education for many hundreds of persons
5. As a Pastor for the past 35years, my church work includes service to humanity and many thousands have benefited from my benevolence, contacts and efforts.

1. First, all my constituents will have unfettered access to me and the programs and activities of the federal government.
2. Secondly, I will attend sittings without fail. My people will see me in the House, hear my voice clear and loud, and have me champion their causes both those of individuals, communities and the entire constituency. The era when no one speaks for us will be over with my presence in the house.
3. Thirdly, I will provide my constituents consistently the linkage with Ministries, Departments and Agencies of the federal government for employment and business. Eg NEMA, CBN, Agric loans etc
4. Fourthly, I will capture the infrastructural needs of my people and ensure they are listed in the budget even before it is presented yearly on the floor of the house. I will lobby the executive arm of government to achieve this and then my colleagues to ensure my projects are passed. Thereby attracting Federal presence in my constituency
5. Fifth, I will be sponsoring relevant bills that will improve the quality of life of my people.
6. Sixth, my constituency projects will be traceable, visible, valuable and useful to our people.
7. Seventh, I will use my office to ensure the protection of the rights to freedom and liberties of my constituents.

As for the famous stomach infrastructure, I request all our Party Ward Chairmen & LGA Chairmen to get cooperatives registered and running. This shall be my contribution …. assisting each of the cooperatives to access quality grants and loans from federal agencies and international organisations using my skills and contacts”.

Rev Francis Waive said; “I am passionate about whatever I do. I will not fail our people. My election will promote transparency & accountability in governance. It will bring progress and development to our constituency. My tenure will impact positively on the majority of our people. Together we will change the narrative. I call on all our people to vote the best of the candidates; the Rev Francis Waive.

In the words of George Banks; ‘I live for those who love me, for those who know me true, for heaven that smiles above me, for the cause that lacks assistance, for the wrong that needs resistance, for the future in the distance and the good that I can do’.



Rev Francis Waive

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