Rev Francis Waive Responses To Urhobo Voice on His Political Ambitions

Rev Francis Waive

Responses to Urhobo Voice Questionnaire for the Ughelli North, Ughelli South and Udu Federal Constituency Rev Francis Waive on his political ambition.

I am aware you are a famous and popular Radio Preacher still it will not be out of place to remind the people ie the constituents who you are.

  1. So, your story

I am Rev Francis Waive; Senior Pastor of the Church of the Anointing. I got born-again during my teens through the activities of the Scripture Union in October 1977.

My experience in the Lord got deepened when I was baptized in the Holy Ghost on October 18th 1980. It was on that day that I received the call of God “to go preach the gospel to the lost and deliverance to the captives”.

An Accountant by training, I have experience in Banking as well as private Accountancy practice.

I, Rev Francis Waive served as President of the Students’ Union Government during my University days at Ekpoma. My medical missions ministry reaches communities in the difficult terrain of the Niger-Delta with thousands of beneficiaries.

I also run an educational support service for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) that has assisted many thousands to secure quality education.

As an Evangelist, I have preached the gospel all over Nigeria and on the Continents of Africa, Asia, Europe and North America with signs and wonders following. My radio ministry MOMENT OF THE ANOINTING is broadcast on several radio stations reaching millions of people every week. I am committed to World Evangelization and the Revival of the Church.

I have also authored some books (like SAVED, HEALED & DELIVERED: the story of Francis Waive, GOD’S CALL AND MY RESPONSE: continuing story of Francis Waive etc.) and I write for some Nigerian weeklies like THE GUARDIAN.

I serve on the Board of several Organizations and companies including Michael and Cecilia Ibru University. My wife Rita and I are blessed with wonderful children and a granddaughter.

  1. What have you learnt/gained as a child growing up in the home and now as a father to make good childhood and fatherhood?

I will always be grateful for the upbringing I had. My parents were peasants but were very strong in instilling values in us their children that we are all grateful for.

Fear of God, honesty, integrity, respect for elders and authority, prudent and wise use of money, hard work, godliness, contentment etc are some of the values our parents instilled in us. And these have paid off and all of us have turned out right. None of us is a problem to society or a dependent on any one. We only wish our parents lived long enough to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Now as a father, I am trying to ensure I do better than my parents in this all-important matter of parenting.

  1. What is your perception of the challenges in the constituency/Nigeria?

My constituency, the Ughelli North, Ughelli South and Udu Federal Constituency lacks federal presence in every sense of the word. There is also this sharp disconnect between the people and the Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDA) of the Federal Government.

For instance, with all the issues with flooding here, have you ever heard of the intervention of Nigeria Emergency Management Agency (NEMA)?

Again, the quality of our representation at the federal level can be better. I wouldn’t bother myself at this moment with the challenges of the Nigerian nation. These are well known. The crucial thing is that our people are this most deprived in this nation. All this: in spite of our contribution to the nation’s wealth.

  1. Is that why you are in politics?

Certainly yes! ‘The only way evil can triumph is when good people keep quiet’. I just can’t afford to be silent. My contribution before now has been in the area of advocacy for good governance and my efforts in community development.

I have however reached a stage where it will be criminal to deny my people the benefits of my trainings, skills and values.

This country deserves better leadership and I, Rev Francis Waive offer myself at the request of my people to serve. Together we will make the difference!

  1. Why do you think only politics can resolve the challenges and not the pulpit?

I do not believe its only politics that can resolve the challenges our people face. The pulpit sure has a role to play. But government has the larger role especially in an economy like ours.

The state of public infrastructure in this country is known to be comatose. What is taken for granted in some African countries are non-existent here. And our leaders have lost all sense of shame. Corruption fuels primitive accumulation and the common people suffer.

A man steals from the State and stocks the cash away and we all suffer bad roads, lack of electricity etc and you expect me to keep quiet?

Never! Our quality brains and those who have been a moral compass to our society must get involved in governance otherwise we are done for as a nation.

  1. Any other comments?

I urge everyone of in my constituency and indeed all Deltans to register as voters for the 2019 elections. This is a crucial first step in taking back our country.

Those who have seized power since the return to democratic rule in 1999 are not more citizens than us. Let us vote them out in 2019 and get a new crop of persons who have not stained their hands with theft from the common wealth.

It is sad to see so many people suffer and a few display stupendous wealth because of their access to power. Fortunately, the electoral laws are gradually getting better but we must as a people take advantage of this development to deepen democracy in this country.

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