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Rev Francis Waive And Nigeria Politics

Rev Francis Waive

Rev Francis Waive And Nigeria Politics

I have the strong feeling that the only reason why God has not instructed that the trumpet be blown is because of people like you and I and the like of Rev Francis Waive, who has the fear of God coming into the Nigeria politics.

God is putting his trust on you, me, us to raise more children for him; he is putting his bet on you and I and Rev Francis Waive to take back Nigeria.

He would love to see his children at the helm of affairs making decisions, policies and ruling over his people with Godliness, equity, Justice and Progress.

This I believe is the sole reason why I think God hasn’t ended the world yet, and we can’t afford to fail him; Rev Francis Waive is a fine gentleman, untainted by corruption or scandal, humble, accessible, organize and God fearing.

We have failed him long enough, now is the time to execute Gen 1:26-31, Matt 5:13-16.

If we lose our taste we have lost everything, we have disappointed God, if we fail to put ourselves in a position of Authority so our light can be seen by all, we have failed God.

We can only do the will of the Father at this time by getting involved in Nigeria politics, by being the light, when we lead, we act as a light.

Do not be worried about how you are going to do it; he who has given the vision will make provisions for the mission.



Rev Francis Waive

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