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Rev Francis Waive: God Is Not Static

Rev Francis Waive

Rev Francis Waive: Since my name got associated with the elections to the House of Representatives for Ughelli North Ughelli South and Udu Federal Constituency in the coming 2019 elections, my experience has been interesting.

Of particular note is the astronomical increase in the number of those asking financial assistance.

According to Rev Francis Waive noted that… (I am well accustomed to assisting Parishioners and others who seek my help). But most of these new demands are based on lies.

One guy said two of his sons were undergoing surgery at the Teaching Hospital, another needed money to evacuate his dead mother to the mortuary. Several lies about house rent and school fees issues. Of all the lies, medical top the list, then they talk of vehicle repairs, marriage ceremonies etc etc

Others claim to have political groups that perform magic and as such you must patronize them. Some talk as though the listener is a fool.

And there is this Paul that keeps threatening that I ignore the call to contest the 2019 elections or else he “clash with me, Rev Francis Waive” and ‘there will be a holocaust’ with “families crying”.

Sadly, I once promised to support his electoral plans and now he says I can’t change my mind or contest any elections.

He says he has commissioned his ‘social media rats to rubbish me as much as possible before the war proper begins’. But like we say in Warri; ‘he dey read arab’.

God is not static. I have heard from him and will contest and win the 2019 elections said Rev Francis Waive. Service to humanity has always been core of my service to God and public office will simply enhance that.



Rev Francis Waive

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