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Resource Control Must Be Factor In Nigeria Restructuring

resource control

Resource Control: Nigeria at 57 years clamoring for restructuring, the former President of Oroakpor   Community and National President of Urhobo Solidarity Club, Nigeria, Chief George Owarieta.

In his statement, said if Nigeria is to achieve meaningful growth and development, resource control should form one of the bases of its proposed restructuring as over dependence by the various states on the revenues from crude oil.

Nothing that the Federal Government of Nigeria has made many state governors to be creative and invest to bring development to their states. [resource-control]

He stated this   in his office in an interview with news men recently in Effurun, Delta State.  He   said there are agitations in various states especially Niger Delta because the   sharing formula of the   revenues is not satisfactory as many of the   oil   producing   states   feel cheated.

He   quickly   added   that   people should not mistake restructuring for   succession   as   it is   meant to right the wrong as to resource control  because there is   strength   in Nigeria’s   diversity.

The National President, NNPC/DPR Retired Staff Association charged the states  to have  a development plan by embarking on general infrastructural development instead on the basis of  the contribution(s) such a  local government or district  has contributed  towards the  success of state’s ruling  party if the country must move forward.

Chief Owarieta said there should be reduction in the   cost   of   governance from federal level to the states by cutting down on the take home of members of the legislature in the  National Assembly members, State  Assembly  members adding  that such money can be used to  establish industries for the youths to work and reduce the level of  unemployment  in the state in particular and the country at large.

He however said Nigeria   especially   Delta State has made remarkable progress compared to the military regime as there are good roads, schools built, among others adding that if not for too many advisers whose sake the treasury is drained on monthly basis part of which has caused the owing of civil servants’ salaries, otherwise, the pace of development would have been  awesome.

The Ogbudu of Agbon Kingdom charged   Governor   Okowa to build on infrastructures left behind by Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan just as he urged him to stop sponsoring Christians on pilgrimages to Jerusalem as such money be used to further develop the state. [resource control ]



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