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President Buhari is a Sectional Leader – Niger Delta leaders

 President Buhari

President Buhari handling of the nation’s diversity and sharing of wealth has not abated with leaders and stakeholders of the Niger Delta region who painted Buhari as a sectional leader.

 This is fingering the president government for the mounting agitations in the country.

However., there were those who rejected the clannish label, saying President Buhari has prudently applied funds for the development of Nigeria.

They spoke on the backdrop of the recent revelation by the President of the World Bank, Jim Kim, that Buhari directed the financial institution to focus development in the northern part of Nigeria.

The Ex- Minister for Lands, Housing and Urban Development and former member of the House of Representatives, Chief Nduese Essien, said: “I think what I would say is that it is not a surprise that he directed the World Bank President to concentrate development in the north because all along he has shown a tendency to be discriminatory in favour of the North.

Right from when he was Head of State, appointees into his ruling council were more from the north.”

Essien, who spoke to one of Urhobo Voice reporter in Akwa Ibom, recollected: “When he (President Buhari) was Chairman of the Petroleum Trust Fund, PTF, he displayed that tendency very glaringly by concentrating most of the projects in the north and to the absolute exclusion of the south- south.

And in this administration he had said that 97 per cent of the people who supported him are the ones that will benefit.

And this 97 per cent had to be from the north and the south-west.” “He has kept to that policy even though he has not treated the south-west well.

From all the appointments – Chief of Staff, Director, name them, they are all picked from the north; So that he told the World Bank president to concentrate development in the north was not a slip of the tongue, that is how he will be throughout his tenure,” he asserted On way out of the drift, the former minister said Nigerians should use the forthcoming 2019 election to correct the situation, adding:

“It does not mean that a northerner should not be president but Nigerians should elect a northerner, who is a nationalist to be president and not a sectional leader.”

In Delta state, former Minister of Police Affairs, Alaowei Broderick Bozimo, told news men: “President Buhari should think of working for the well-being of every part of the country.

His handling of the system is lopsided, or is it because he got massive votes from the northern part? “To me, he should be able to work hard to bring every part of the country together.

You must work to show that you are not in government to favour one section of the country, and you must prove this through your appointments and service delivery to the people,” he noted.

Archbishop of Anglican Communion, Cross River State, Bishop Tunde Adeleye, in his reaction, said: “For a President of a country to have told the World Bank that   is unfortunate and the man needs to make amends now before it is too late.”

“Nigeria should have been his constituency as a President, but since he came into power, he has consistently shown, through his actions and utterances, that he has many biases, which is unfortunate.  The man should change,” the clergyman said.

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