Oyibokwifi Ighoruemu New Deal For Effective Representation – Isaac Mesere

Oyibokwifi Ighoruemu

Oyibokwifi Ighoruemu: Indeed, most of the Delta State House of Assembly representatives seemed to have adopted the presumptive trustee delegate model of representation.

Against this well-informed background, Oyibokwifi recognized the absolute necessity to redefine representation upon the anvil of a new deal.

Oyibokwifi Ighoruemu new deal with the people is encapsulated in the concept of delegate model of effective representation which strengthens the citizens control of their representative.

As delegate representative of Ughelli south constituency in the Delta State House of Assembly, if elected in the 2019 elections, he will be bound to follow the expressed preferences of his constituents.

The representatives at the DSTHA operated the trustee model of representation and could hardly be said to be truly representing anybody but themselves.

Some of the so-called Honourables and former members of the State Assembly ended their tenures in stupendous wealth and never found the need to relocate back home. That has become the standard practice!

Oyibokwifi Ighoruemu is simply asking Ughelli South constituency not to repeat the mistake of the past but to give him the opportunity to demonstrate that unlike past and present representatives in the Delta State House of Assembly, effective representation can be delivered differently and in an evidently transparent and credible manner.

Compliant with the demands of the delegate model, Oyibokwifi Ighoruemu intends to develop a plan with active participation of his constituents in order to capture their priorities that will span his tenure.

By subscribing to the delegate model, Oyibokwifi has eloquently demonstrated his resolve to defend the rights of his constituents and their entitlements in the state as no one has done before.

It is in the same breath a vow to ensure full participation of constituents in critical decisions and engagements of the Assembly.

At the end his tenure, Oyibokwifi Ighoruemu is not one to come to his people with excuses. Clearly, something new has brought to the table; rather than the deceitful and mimicry of representation, he is bringing a more practical model that put the people in the front burner. That is the new deal he offers! Ughelli South constituency has not been presented with an opportunity to cover lost grounds and right the wrongs of the last decade and even more.

This is the number of bills and motions sponsored to tackle and resolve challenges that are peculiar to the constituency, projects lobbied and captured in the state budget, projects lobbied and captured as constituency projects.

Not neglecting effective monitoring and supervision of projects implementation, mobilization of the resources of local and international donor to facilitate development in the constituency, assistance to constituents in appointment and sundry issues, and the impact of these on constituents.

Again this background, the performance of past representatives since 1999 has been adjudged by constituents in Ughelli South as dismal.

However, arising from the above, one should expect the people to be preoccupied with nothing but to seek enhancement of the quality of representation at the legislature, particularly the Delta State House Of Assembly during the upcoming Delta State 2019 elections.

He, Oyibokwifi Ighoruemu has left no one in doubt that his motivation entering the race of the Delta state House of Assembly is to do what has been left undone and that is to bring Ughelli South constituency to the mainstream of planned development using the instrumentality of federal structures.

It is in realization of the fact that many constituencies across Delta State elect their best to the State House of Assembly in order to be able to take full advantage of the opportunities therein.

Ughelli south had not been that lucky with the quality of her representatives. That explains why am campaigning on the mantra of paradigm shift i.e. to do things differently, since the manner of representation in last seventeen years has been out rightly condemned as self- serving. [Oyibokwifi Ighoruemu]

Oyibokwifi Ighoruemu New Deal For Effective Representation – Isaac Mesere
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Oyibokwifi Ighoruemu: Indeed, most of the Delta State House of Assembly representatives seemed to have adopted the presumptive trustee delegate model of representation.
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Urhobo Voice
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