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Otega Emerhor On Calculated Political Blitzkrieg

Otega Emerhor On Calculated Political Blitzkrieg - Eyagomare Jacob

The choice of Otega Emerhor dancing cavortishly in Delta state APC shows the roadmap to the sudden collapsing of the party soonest, if he Otega Emerhor is not showed the back seat.

Enough of this mangle madness; we wish to break our long silence since we were watching some mischief makers complete their choice of action about Barr. Fred Latimores early announced appointment by our amiable President Buhari.

The chamferish strategy on people of Ethiope East and others by Otega Emerhor within APC Delta state shows tremendous chancy in his leadership of the party which we completely jettisoned in totality because political appointment can never and will never be an affair to settle family.

That Otega Emerhor chose to use the dividends of democracy accruable to members of Delta state APC as a recipe for empowering his immediate family circle calls for serious attention by all well meaning right minded thinkers.

The chronological moves by Otega Emerhor have proved that his quest for power is nothing short of his personal aggrandizement.

We seek ejitically when people commend Otega Emerhor that he second handedly finance the party in Delta state which to us is an aberration in view of what Otega has benefitted from the party within a short time.

We challenge Otega Emerhor to provide his figures on how much he spent on the party and we will provide facts and figure on how much he has acquired through the party, so that the public can calculate the P/L and score whether or not if the party has been a liability or assets on the life of Otega.

The continuous cloying sentimentality of Otega Emerhor towards politics is becoming unbearable which show is big-eye for acquisition of wealth that makes him clueless to identify action that befits his status.

A situation when leader sloop low to scrabble for crumbs met for followers amounts to calulu — What will a University Teaching Hospital build in his CV? Appointment made for the boys, Oga grab am. Na Wa OOO

However, the coefficient of friction that has emanated from the wicked act of Otega Emerhor on the people of Ethiope East and others, where he chose to meddle and snatch appointment to redesign for his co-inlaw has cogently waved on his credibility and integrity.

As the answer has proof beyond all reasonable doubts that the likes of Otega Emerhor are into politics for profits; Politics to them is business, strictly business and not a means to service for humanity.

What is the rationale of this great injustice on the good people of Ethiope East. Firstly, is it because John Ejovwoke Onojeharho is your co-inlaw or because he worked in Standard Alliance Properties?

Secondly, is it that John Onojeharho is more APC than Barr. Fred Latimore, since we knew abinitio when John Onojeharho joined the party as we question his contribution?

Thirdly, is it that Master in labour and industrial relations, Delsu Abraka makes John Onojeharho most qualified than anybody in the entire Ethiope East and Others?

Fourthly, is it that we were wrong in our decisions of packaging and projecting you at the presidency as our own, that earned you the rare privilege dining with the President, which privilege you are abusing?

This cumulonimbus posture must break if APC is serious about Delta state 2019 because now that Otega Emerhor has gone doolally about politics, shows that his kind are never interested in the success of the party which has characterize in the throw of money for cheap endorsement within the party for some time now.

However, with the continuous blitz and bilabial of Otega Emerhor in Delta state APC due to the bereft of ideas and the frustration of hope for the common man, we besiege all sundering to join our one million man march against injustice, impunity and inequality for Delta state APC pro bono publico.

Change begins with us and Change is when Otega Emerhor stop using our collective interests for his personal and family will.



Eyagomare Jacob

Grassroot Mobilizers for Buhari
Delta State Chapter



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