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Ogboru Has Always Made A Case For A Credible Primary Election – Omolu


I will not be drawn into joining issues with Mr. Jerry Uloho, it will however suffice here to say that Chief Great Ovedje Ogboru has never been under any illusion that there won’t be a primary election to select the party’s gubernatorial candidate in delta state APC.

In fact, Ogboru has consistently made a case for an all inclusive, credible and transparent intra-party election to choose the best amongst the aspirants across the state.

Permit me to quote Ogboru’s position in this regard as captured by the Vanguard publication of February 28,2018.

“Those bringing a sectional agenda are trying to give justification to oligarchy. They are trying to justify why only a few of them can rule. I think it is best to select the best from the pool of those offering to serve.”

So I’m completely at a loss as to how Mr. Jerry Uloho arrived at the conclusions that Chief Great Ovedje Ogboru is seeking an automatic ticket and blackmailing anyone to that effect.

The misconception that Chief Ogboru doesn’t emerge from primary elections is unfounded.

Chief Ogboru has always presented himself for primary elections since 2003 and if for obvious reasons the other aspirants decide to step down thereby making him the only aspirant, then the party has no other option but to adopt him as the candidate.

This clearly cannot be his fault and shouldn’t be a basis to denigrate chief Ogboru in the manner Mr. Uloho is trying to do.

This type of odd assertion portrays Mr. Uloho as a very unserious and naive politician.

The essence of intra-party election is to select the best candidate for inter-party contest. And there are two approaches, the consensus route and the voting route.

In the case of a consensus approach where the primary eventually narrows to a sole aspirant by virtue of others freely stepping down, the objective of the primary has been fulfilled.

It should be understood that the consensus route is consistent with the process of selecting the best candidate to represent the party and that both approaches are equally valid.

Therefore, chief Great Ovedje Ogboru has always emerged as the party’s candidate and has never been imposed or can Mr. Jerry Uloho tell us of a more popular candidate that stepped down so that Chief Ogboru could have automatic ticket?

I posit that those who want to narrow the space to delta north aspirants only, against the provision of the party’s constitution are the ones afraid of primaries and advertently looking for automatic ticket, not Chief Ogboru who wants the contest and opportunity to be open for all APC aspirants.



Rev Francis Waive

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