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Ighoyota Amori: No Serious Opponent Yet For Delta State Central Senatorial Race

Ighoyota Amori

A former Senator Ighoyota Amori, a strong contender for Delta Central Senatorial Race has declared that he has not yet seen any 'serious opponent in the race even though some may emerge next year.

Just as he stressed that senatorial election is not won on social media, but urged his supporters ~o exercise high level restrain not to insult anybody on the social media. He also took a swipe at those posting his photos with some women in faraway Chicago, when he went on Urhobo Progress Union, UPU, occasion.

Ighoyota Amori described the action as " Blackmail, which has fail and they are people who are mentally derange."

Senator Amari who was addressing journalists, after a courtesy call on him by the Comrade Nicholas Omoko, led executives of the Ighene youth wing of UPU, paid him a courtesy visit in his country home in Mosogar, Ethiope West Local Government Area.

He stated that he is wiser now than before since according to him what happened at the court of Appeal was a misery.

"I won the election, I defeated both the Labour Party and APC, even at the Tribunal, but at the Court of Appeal, the same case, the same judges the same court the same lawyers, just in 2 minutes, in darkness, judgment was passed. Well I leave that robbery to God. But we are wiser now.

Senator Ighoyota Amori explained further that he needs everybody and he is not going to join issues with anybody on the social media. "So when I read some people in the social media abusing my opponent I just laugh.

I don't subscribe to that. In fact, I don't want my opponent to be abused. In fact, my opponent has not come out that is the truth. "Stressing further, "I know those who are serious and want to contest with me, they are yet to come out by next year you will see them coming out, people who are more serious. But One thing is sure. I will emerge victorious in the primaries‚ÄĚ.

He said that his victory is as certain as death. "So never mind those who are coming out now. Wait till next year you will see more serious-minded candidates. In fact if I don't contest with anybody I won't be at peace with myself." Senator Amori said people can write. or post whatever they wish in the social media, "Amari is this Amori is that, but the senatorial race is deeper than what you think.

You will see what will happen. When we come out you will know we are out. I have not started at all. We are still in 2017, it is not a 100 meters dash. It is a long race of course, if you open arsenal early, then you are subject to attack as it affects your strategy"

Senator Amori described those posting his photo with ladies in Chicago, USA, as "Blackmailers who have fail and mentally deranged persons

"According to him he has been involved in UPU, activities in UK and USA, for the past l 5years and as a senator then he alongside Hon Loveth Idisi, Chief Tito Kedo, Mr. Rex Anighoro were invited by the UPU, adding that, while there UPU always organized boat ride for their guests. "Others equally took photos with women, everybody there took photos.

So why singling Amori out? Could I have done anything immoral in the ride or boat? For God sake I'm a happily married man. I'm a Roman Catholic. In short those making that post· are fail blackmailers and mentally derange persons" After listening to Comrade Nicholas Omoko, President of Ighene, Youth Wing on UPU, Senator Ighoyota Amori promised to work with them and advised them to always have the interest of Urhobo at heart at all times and that they should never allow their personal interest to clash with the general interest of Urhobo. Elegbete Moses Odibo,

Hon Raymond Edijana, former Chairman of Udu LGA were among those present at the occasion.

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