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How Can Biafra Achieve Separation From Nigeria?

Biafra: Nnamdi kanu has done the big step which is create and raise the awareness, but he and the IPOBs need to think inward now.

No matter how many demonstrations they carry out
No matter how many election boycott he succeeds in
No matter how many other countries support he gains

Rest of Nigeria will not give him a referendum, if it was given will be rigged, surprisingly with the same Igbos.

Money talks, firstly. And the support for Biafra is not absolutely. My own estimate there are a good 30% who are scared of uncertainty or heartedly will favour to remain in Nigeria.

Hence they ONLY way will be through the ballot.
restrategise the IPOB into regional party- like the SNP- Scottish National Party.

Have achieving Biafra as a prime point in the manifesto.

When the party wins elections in the states of interests that will be a good gauge of support. how much support.

When a state is won, IPOB will have the state’s apparatus and machineries to start a Biafran nation building while under Nigeria.

Designating/planning / building for mass housing for the expected influx of returnees into the new Nation- Biafra.

Securing food production for the new nation.- setting up massive farms – feed stock and live stock.

Use the Fulani herdsmen menace as an opportunity to create 10,000 cattle farm that can feed a nation. Build four.

Use the state media infrastructures to relay the IPOB message and get more people prepared for the eventual referendum.

Lets not waste the opportunity of the upcoming Anambra election.
IPOB should take over a party- there are hundreds of dead parties they can take over-
Apply for a name change to something more relevant to the struggle like Freedom party, Independence party, Liberty, etc
And start the campaign and mobilization.

Biafran can be achieved without a gun shot or unnecessary death from demonstration.



Rev Francis Waive

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