Our Year of DOING EXPLOITS Dan. 11:32 It’s another New Year and we are excited to be alive. God is so good.

The fact that we are alive to see another year is evidence that there is still something great to achieve, we must never become despondent to the extent of despair for life. God is the giver and owner of life and He has a purpose for everything he does and everyone He created.

May we align ourselves with Him in other to discover our divine purpose and make our lives meaningful by pursuing same.

We must never envy the dead. Those who went to eternity before us will be jealous of us seeing what the Lord God is doing in and through our lives.

There is so much for you to live for. And thankfully the Lord God has given us His word for the year 2018. It is taken from Daniel 11;32b “the people that know their God shall be strong and they shall do exploits”!

Exploits is what the Lord expects from us this year. In every field of human endeavor, that we are engaged in, and in our walk with and work for the Lord he expects us to do exploits this year and beyond.

EXPLOITS! EXPLOITS!! EXPLOITS!!! No room for mediocrity and failure!

This is the year that those ideas that once crossed your mind but seemed impossible should be vigorously pursed. Everything great you were told you couldn’t achieve has become possible. Pursue your dream with passion and faith knowing that the Lord is with you.

The word exploits here refer to brave, interesting, heroic and extraordinary acts. You were created to do great things. You were regenerated to accomplish great things.

Exploits mean extraordinary, rare, unusual, exceptional and uncommon. You may look at yourself like Gideon did and declare yourself incapable and unworthy (Judges 6;11-16) but God’s strength is made perfect in our weakness for his grace is sufficient for us (2 Cor 12;9).

Like He did for Gideon who came from a background of poverty and peasantry, the Lord God will show himself strong on your behalf. (2 Chron 16:9) Get ready to do exploits this year because people will ask if this is you that they have always known or it is another person.

God never uses the qualified but qualifies those that he uses. He never calls the able but the faithful. (2 Tim 2;2) This is because He never shares his glory with any man (Isaiah 42;8). Hence 1 Cor 1;27-29 “But God has chosen the foolish things of this world to confound the wise, and God has chosen the weak things of this world to confound the things which are mighty … that no flesh should glory in his presence”.

It is in this context that we must heed God’s command to do exploits this year because we know that his enablement is available. We must not disqualify ourselves from this. You are mandated to break your family and community record and indeed appear on the national stage! You shall be celebrated. Get ready! Get ready!! Get ready!!! Indeed, God is our source of power for exploits. Satanic sources will fail because they are temporary and will always end badly with evil.

This is in addition to the fact that they will face God’s judgment. We must not also depend on ourselves as man‘s self-efforts will fail. (1 Sam. 2:9).

To do exploits this year we must not look to our connections, wisdom and resources. What God has in mind for us is greater than all these. God in his faithfulness will do exceeding above all we can ever ask or think! (Eph 3.30) Our God never fails!

Those he raised to do exploits in generations past are men of like passions as we are. (Jam.5:17) Ordinary humans but endued by God for exploits! God will ignore your background, antecedents and history as he makes something beautiful out of your life.

He will give you a name in your family and nation that will glorify him. And the scripture defines those who will do exploits in 2018 and beyond as ‘the people that know their God’. The simple question then is ‘do you know your God?

If you read Daniel 11;32 carefully you will reach the following conclusions – Only as we know God can we be strong, Only as we are strong can we do exploits, If we are not doing exploits we are not strong If we are not strong we don’t know God. Doing exploits = what we do Being strong = what we are Knowing God = what we know There is a strength that comes from knowing God.

To secure God’s power for exploits, you need to know God personally. Dan.11:32, Isa.40:28-30. This is different from knowing about God.

You can know about somebody you have never met but you cannot know somebody until you meet him. You have got to meet God … to have a personal encounter with him like Saul did on the road to Damascus. That experience changed him forever into the great Apostle Paul. And beautifully God reveals himself to those who seek him.

The result of knowing God is becoming strong … stronger than the challenges of life and the enemies that try to hinder us.

The measure of our knowing God will determine the measure of our being strong. We are commanded to be strong in the Lord ie depend entirely on him. 1. We come to know God through salvation in Christ Phil.3:10 2. We progressively know God by fellowship with him Hos.6:3, Gen.5:24 3.

We even get to know his voice. John 10: 27-28 To do exploits you must begin by attempting great things for God. You can expect great things from God when you attempt great things for Him. The more we know God the stronger we shall be. And this includes been STRONG: PHYSICALLY. Psalm 105:37, SPIRITUALLY. Acts 20:24, MORALLY. Job.31:1, MATERIALLY. 2 Cor. 8:9.

God wants to do great things through you Dan 11;32, 1 Cor 1;27-29. First, he gives you power to be John 1;12 eg effect on Paul. Secondly, he gives you power to do Acts 1;8 eg effect on Peter. In other to do great things, you must imbibe the spirit of Phil 4;13

“I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me”. This means that you set aside or act inspite of and overcome your feelings of unworthiness and incapability. Gideon was faint yet pursuing, Judges 8:4 King David had to encourage himself in the midst of challenges (1 Sam 30;6). The revered Apostle Paul was weak, yet he says he was strong 1 Cor 12;10.

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This virtue is developed by spending quality time in God’s presence. I challenge you to act on God’s leading this New Year. No fears, No doubts. Go ahead and undertake something bigger than you. Get out of your comfort zone.

Reach out and be all that God wants you to be. And like Caleb you will still be conquering lands even at old age. Joshua 14;6 – 11 -13



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