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Elections 2019: No Vacancy in Delta Central Senatorial Seat

Elections 2019 Ovie Orno Agege

Elections 2019: Chief Francis Atanomeyovwi, a factor in the politics of Urhobo Progress Union (UPU) in Delta State and former National Treasurer of the UPU spoke to Tega Uloho during the burial of Chief Matthew Origbo.

A former NACCIMA President and First Deputy President General of UPU under Benjamin Okumagba, on the recent attack on Senator Ovie Omo-Agege in Effurun. Hon Evelyn Oboro senatorial ambition in the Elections 2019 and other issues.


Comment on the recent attack on Senator Ovie Omo-Agege of Delta Central during an empowerment programme at Effurun, Uvwie LGA.

The attack on Senator Ovie Orno-Agege, senator representing Delta Central in the National Assembly by

suspected PDP thugs in Uvwie Local Government Council was most unfortunate.

The thugs as has been ascertained belong to a certain politician and National Assembly member from Uvwie Local Government Area of Delta State.

The action of the hoodlums is a slap on the Urhobo Nation. It is an insult to us all. Urhobo demand apology for the assault on the man whom they voted for and is doing them proud in the National Assembly.

In fact, the PDP in Delta central, especially PDP in Uvwie LGA should also apologize to the Urhobo nation for the unruly behavior of their members.

I must commend the Uvwie Traditional Council for apologizing to the Senator over the behavior of their children. Here was a senator who went to Uvwie to spread empowerment to market women all over Urhobo land.

I wonder what motivated the hoodlums into the action. They couldn’t have done that in public interest. I thank the Uvwie Traditional Council for not taking side with their wards or any political party on this

matter. That is what I expected the PDP to have done before now. Why must these boys fight what

is good? The Senator was out to alleviate the suffering of our helpless mothers and wives.

The programme was designed to free them from poverty and alleviate their hunger and the attackers

condemnable in all ramifications. What advice do you have for the youths who carried out the attack?

The search for a representative for Urhobo nation cannot be done through violence or intimidation. This goes beyond political party.

Our youths should not be unmindful of nemesis in their undertakings. What they did may impact negatively on their party and their future because many of them are known. The multiplier effects can trigger untoward implications in the polity in the coming Delta State Elections 2019 polls.

And this can extend to other parts of the state. I want to use this medium to caution the said Honourable member of the National Assembly who is believed to be behind these boys not to throw stones in glass houses.

This could affect her politically in all ramifications. These boys should be properly guided not to travel this road again.

What Is your rating of Senator Ovie Omo­ Agege ahead of the 2019 polls and preparations by the PDP to unseat him? For me, I strongly believe that there is no point fighting a winning team. There is no reason to change this man or replace him in 2019. Ovie Orno-Agege has distinguished himself among Urhobo senators.

Apart from Late Senator Pius Ewherido who died in active service in 2013 in the hands of enemies, Omo­Agege is the best senator ever elected from the Urhobo nation. Just as Ewherido was the best in his time, I strongly believe Omo-Agege is the best today.

In terms of performance as a lawmaker, Omo-Agege has surpassed expectations. Which senator could initiate or sponsor as many bills as Omo-Agege has done? Which senator has registered the level of successes in passage of bills initiated? He is a sound representative, outspoken, initiator of many bills and he is committed to the welfare of the constituents.

We have senators in the past who appointed family members and even wives and concubines as aides but Omo-Agege has done marvelously well in this regards by appointing his aides from across Urhobo land.

Some senators appointed people from outside Delta central and even outside Delta state as Pas, SAs etc but Omo­Agege is an Urhobo man through and through. He is Urhobo man in actions, activities and performance on the political turf. Let us encourage this man to do more for Urhobo.

What is your take on the rumoured senatorial ambition of Hon. Evelyn Oboro of the House of Representatives? It is glaring that Evelyn Oboro has declared her intention to run for senate in 2019.

You may refer to her declaration as a rumour but watchers of political events know she is already in the race. Here was a woman who was married to one of our illustrious Urhobo son from Agbon Kingdom, Ethiope East Local Government Area.

Let me be economical with words here. In my opinion, her declaration for senate is uncalled for. She should have done more consultations before launching into this deep water.

I am pretty sure she did not consult properly before this declaration otherwise she would have been told what the average Urhobo man or woman think of her person.

She ought to know the mindset of politicians across Delta central. Information before me indicates that she did not consult PDP leaders in Delta Central before taking this step. l doubt if she ever briefed Urhobo Traditional rulers, Kingdom Presidents General etc to know if she is the voice Urhobo need in the National Assembly.

In a statement she made in the media to declare her tall ambition, she said: ‘Urhobo need a strong and vibrant representative. There is a vacuum in the National Assembly which must be filled”.

To her she is the best material to represent Urhobo in the senate. But let me tell her point blank that the Delta Central seat in the senate is not vacant. She should stop deluding herself.

Every noble Urhobo patriot knows that Senator Ovie Omo­Agege is the Christiano Ronaldo of the National Assembly. No right thinking Urhobo man or human being will call for his stepping aside after a single tenure in Delta State Elections 2019.

The saying that Urhobo senator cannot serve a second term must end now. That yoke must be broken in Jesus name. With Omo-Agege the jinx must be broken. He will be voted again to continue the good work in the senate.

Based on your assessment or the situation, what is your advice to Hon Evelyn Oboro ahead of 2019?

Evelyn Oboro is being referred to by her fans and admirers as ‘Political Sub­marine’. That is rather offensive. The marine world is associated with ‘Queen of the Coast’ a malevolent deity with negative spiritual qualities.

She should rather refer to herself as Daughter of Sarah. That is more virtuous instead of Political Sub­marine. Perhaps the name is associated with sub-marine gun. Even at that it does not convey any good or virtuous impression.

If the people of her Federal Constituency believe that she has done well or delivered on the mandate they gave to her, she should rather go for another term in the House instead of wasting her time running for senate.

She will be a hard sell and buy. Nobody or right thinking human being will drop Ovie Omo-Agege for

Evelyn Oboro. In the alternative, she should go for appointment.

Those behind this project arc misleading her. That was the same way Hon Napoleon Gbinije was misled at a rune to go for Governor. Today he is running to return to the House.

Evelyn Oboro seeking to run for senate is seeking the impossible. The way you talk, you seem to have foreclosed the idea of anybody challenging Omo-Agege for the seat in 2019. What have you got to say about the ambition of Senator lghoyota Amori seeking to run again? Chief lghoyota Amori is a man I respect tremendously.

He is a material for Governor on 2023. He facilitated lots of employments and contracts for our people in the administration of the Chief James Ibori. I didn’t get anything from him but Amori was the bomb in

those days.

Those he empowered are everywhere. seeking for opportunity to reward his kindness for them. He is a better material than Evelyn Oboro. If alternative to Omo-Agege is to be considered at all. such must be Chief lghoyota Amori.

He is a very good material for senate. Instead of Hon Oboro, if PDP must put up a fight at all in 2019. The ticket should be given to the likes of Chief Amori. He is a strong voice and irrepressible fighter. I admire his guts and he is the only man Urhobo can consider as alternative to Omo-Agege.

Elections 2019: No Vacancy in Delta Central Senatorial Seat
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Elections 2019: Chief Francis Atanomeyovwi, a factor in the politics of Urhobo Progress Union (UPU) in Delta State and former National Treasurer of the UPU spoke to Tega Uloho during the burial of Chief Matthew Origbo.
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