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Democracy Youth Vanguard Requested Removal of Odigie Oyegun

 Democracy Youth Vanguard Requested Removal of Odigie Oyegun

Democracy Youth Vanguard had taken protest to the national Secretariat of the governing All Progressives Congress (APC), requesting removal of the national chairman, Chief John Odigie Oyegun.

Other demands listed on various placards by the youths include: Audit APC account now, No to non-elective convention, APC must support anti-corruption,” among others.

As the protest was going on, Chief Odigie Oyegun, the major character in the storm came in his convoy to the party secretariat, which made the energetic youths to shout at the top of their voices.

Speaking with news men, leader of Democracy Youth Vanguard who identified himself as Peter Oyewole, said since 2015 that APC won the presidential election, the party’s finances has not been audited and made public as stipulated by law.

“We are also saying enough is enough to imposition of candidates at all level by Odigie Oyegun led National Working Committee (NWC) that is currently going on in this party because in any party where there is impunity, there cannot be fairness, any party where there is impunity there cannot be equity, the impunity and imposition in APC today is just rubbishing the anti-corruption war of President Buhari.

“So, the current national chairman we have in APC cannot work in support of APC agenda and President Buhari. If Oyegun is not removed, he will continue to rubbish the efforts of the President, especially in fighting corruption because you cannot give what you don’t have.

The high level of corruption and imposition going on under Odigie Oyegun is alarming,” When asked whether the Democracy Youth Vanguard is known to the party, the spokesman said: “This is democracy whereby many wings can grow up to push for the interest of many,” he said.

The youths that storm the party secretariat at about 9.15 am in two loads of 50 setter luxury buses were at the scene for about 30 minutes and were later dispersed by stern looking policemen.

Meanwhile, ahead the NEC meeting, the party youths under the auspices of APC Youths Solidarity Forum have written to the president suggesting ways to mitigate the dwindling fortunes of the party and quell the anxieties being felt by various party stalwarts.

The Forum, a support group of the party with youth membership spreading across the 36 states and the FCT stated that after carefully watching the emerging political trend especially within the party, there is the greater need to strengthen the party which stressed “is the only legitimate platform to obtain political power in this country.”

In the letter made available to newsmen and signed by the Forum’s convener, Danesi Momoh Prince, it highlighted two cardinal issues they felt were teething problems that urgently needed the president’s attention as the party organs meet “if we must retain the presidency come 2019 and remain in power.”

The letter reads: “The president needs to take more than a passing interest in the activities of the party and ensure that the party is supreme. There have been alleged schemes to remove the Party’s National Chairman from office because of his perceived loyalty to Mr. President. “The alleged plot is aimed at achieving sinister political ends in the lead up to the 2019 General Elections. If the plan succeeds it will allow the sponsors install their stooges and hijack the party in the lead up to the election. This is a red flag that the president must take seriously and thwart.”

On appointments, the letter explained: “Many federal government boards, agencies and parastatals’ appointees who were put in office by the immediate-past administration are still in office, they are not loyal to the APC which they feel had no hand in their emergence. “There is need to quickly review these appointments and replace them with APC members.

Vacant positions should thereafter be quickly filled with APC members who feel frustrated because they seem not to have benefitted from the victory of their party. It is also very necessary that these appointments have the heavy input of the APC national leadership to ensure that the right persons who worked for the Party are appointed.”

On party financing, the Forum believed that; “The state of affairs of the party, particularly its poor finances has been a regular item in the media. While there exists a funding stream that should normally come from collection of membership dues and contribution, the reality is that this is grossly insufficient. “It is embarrassing that a ruling party does not have funds to meet its basic needs. The National Caucus and NEC needs to urgently workout a sustainable funding model to enable the party to function properly.”

The youths stressed that four years is not enough time for the government to fully achieve its programs and make the gains of the ongoing anti-corruption war irreversible, hence the need for President Buhari to show more interest in party affairs ahead of 2019.

Democracy Youth Vanguard Requested Removal of Odigie Oyegun
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Democracy Youth Vanguard had taken protest to the national Secretariat of the governing All Progressives Congress (APC), requesting removal of the national chairman, Chief John Odigie Oyegun.
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