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David Edevbie Laments PDP’s Failure in Delta State

David Edevbie Laments PDP’s Failure in Delta State

The truth is like the smoke; you cannot bury it in the ground. Considering the fact that Delta State is blessed with both economic, human material, natural and other resources, yet this has not been able to translated to better the living standard of Deltans.

Infrastructural facilities such as hospitals. schools, markets, roads, pipe-borne water, housing, etc. are either non-existent or totally dilapidated in most communities and towns in Delta State.

With obnoxious policies made by successive PDP government over the past 18 years, the economic woes of Deltans have worsened.

A vivid example is the current embargo on employment in the Delta State Civil Service in the past 10 years which has left young school leavers stranded and irrelevant to themselves.

More so, the non-payment of gratuities to retired civil servants has led many families to the brink. The primary school teachers and Local Government staff as well as other categories of civil servants are being owed several month arrears of salary.

The state government felt comfortable even when it is obvious that it would have comfortably pay primary school teachers and local government staff throughout the year but available records showed it only pay 6 months out of one year in the case of primary school teachers.

A reliable source disclosed that the state government has told the workers not to hope for any salary between November and December, but annoyingly, the State government can afford to maintain the lavish lifestyle of over 2300 political aides.

The above are only examples of the failings of the Delta State government which it finally admitted recently.

Speaking at a parley with the state leadership of the Nigerian Union of Journalists. The finance Commissioner, Chief David Edevbie lamented the failure of the PDP administration in Delta State.

In his words. “with the resources that we have and what we had over the last seventeen years, we should have developed as Lagos, Abuja or any other developed city in the country both in terms of infrastructure and mentally. And we have highly educated people from Delta operating elsewhere in the country, and when we come home. I don’t know what happens to us”.

This admission of failure by no less a person than the Commissioner for Finance is quite revealing. Firstly, David Edevbie is not a greenhorn in the affairs of Delta State. He has served in the past and present administrations of Delta State since l 999.

He surely knows what he is saying. The submission is a validation of the consensus of critical stakeholders that the resources and commonwealth of Delta State have been mismanaged, pilfered and plundered by successive administrations of the PDP in the state.

The present administration has only taken this economic daylight robbery notches higher by making it a state policy. Nothing best described this better than the recent Wastage and extravagant mismanagement of the N40 billion Paris Club funds which was looted and stashed away by officials of the Okowa administration.

Delta State has failed to realize its potentials due to the clueless leadership that continues to plague it. This admission by Edevbie is the naked truth already known by Deltans and which like the smoke, cannot for long be buried in the ground.



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