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Babangida Charges PDP To Ensure Free, Fair, Transparent And Credible Election Elections 2019

Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida

Ahead of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) 2017 convention. A former Nigeria Head of State, General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida, who is also part of the founding fathers and a stakeholder in PDP, has called on the National Caretaker Committee (NCC) of the party to learn from the bitter lessons of the past and avoid the pitfalls that led to the failure.

In a statement, “We need to collectively assure Nigerians and our teeming members that we have indeed learnt our bitter lessons,” Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida stated.

This was contained in a statement issued on his behalf by Prince Kassim Afegbua, his Media Spokesman and made available to Arise News247

Babangida further stressed that:

“Following the defeat of the party in the 2015 election, it is incumbent upon us as leaders and stakeholders to use the opportunity of the convention to sober reflect on the challenges confronting us, identify our flaws and seek plausible ways to correct them in order to come out stronger in subsequent elections.”

He strongly advised that the delegates should be allowed to decide the outcome of the NWC election through their votes.

“In any democratic engagement, the people decide the outcome of elections through popular and inclusive participation.”

Pleading for caution and allowing common sense to guide.

“I wish to plead that we tread on the path of caution and common sense, conscious of our recent history of avoidable political crisis,” IBB pleaded with NCC of the PDP.

The 76 years old former leader of the country also maintained that at his age, he can only play advisory role just as he is doing. That the process must allow only credible leaders emerge. And money induced politics be discouraged advising PDP to be more concerned about good name, which is better than silver and gold.

“At 76, and given the benefit of hindsight, my role both in context and content; is now more of advisory one to enhance any altruistic democratic process to elect credible leadership at various levels of representation,” he added.

“At this critical stage of our political secretions, we need men of stature, discipline, character and commendable conduct to breathe fresh air into our party and not persons whose political relevance is the product of naira and kobo bargain across the counter.

“We must interrogate our leadership recruitment process and encourage our delegates to exercise the power of their thumbs in making their preferred choice among the candidates.

“Good name cannot be bought with gold or silver. Good name is the sum total of the individual’s conduct in his trajectory and his overall assessment through life’s enduring journey.



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