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Urhobo Voice (urhobovoice) is an online news of happening around the Urhobo nation in Delta State and the Niger Delta region and latest Nigeria news.

Talking about Urhobo nation which is the major ethnic group in Delta State, with culture relating to several cultures in the Niger-Delta; Urhobo Voice taking from the word Urhobo, refer to group of people living in a geographical territory with social cultural affinity to Edo speaking people.

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We connect with our users, readers, clients as well as Urhobo sons and daughter at home and in diaspora with happening as it pertains to the Urhobo nation in general.

Urhobo Voice have the traffic, capacity and quality website to meet your target with an optimized and mobile responsive website to reach out to users of different devices while you are asleep.

Major among Urhobo Voice’s features include: Sports, Advertising, Management and marketing, Maritime, Energy, Hi-tech and Computer, Business and Banking, Health, Labour, Human Angle and Women affairs, Politics, Education and Insurance.

To be the Best Online Media Group with the Urhobo Nation through innovation backed by excellent service delivery using latest technology.


To impact our Readers/Clients positively and the Urhobo Nation by providing reliable and affordable online media services.


Quality, Team Work and Integrity – We at Urhobo Voice, understand that it takes a team to achieve result, both the readers/clients and us the service provider are key to quality and integrity. Within our system it also team work.

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Unity is Strength — ‘Urhobo Ovuovo

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